Check Out How Windows 7 Will Look on Tablet PCs

Paul Lilly

Leaked screenshots of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 OS are nothing new, and we expect even more frequent peeks with beta releases floating around the web. That's the case with, who is currently participating in the Windows 7 beta and is showing off several screenies of the new OS running on a Tablet PC.

As would be expected, much of the focus remains on the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) and how the TIP tab operates. This includes how-to animations that display when clicked and show how to correct a word, how to delete, split a word, how to join, and an option to hide the videos. And in a departure from Vista, handwriting to the TIP is auto recognized inline instead of displaying the recognition results in a bubble below the word.

GottaBeMobile promises that there are more screenshots to come, so if this is your bag of tea, consider adding the site to your favorites.

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