CES 2014: New Oculus Rift Crystal Cove Demo [Video]



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We've played around with the Oculus extensively here, and as many say - one of the current issues is that the screen resolution is too low, making individual pixels apparent, and making it impossible to enjoy a view on a distant landscape as you can in reality. Especially the latter is something that makes me want to see a 'retina' version of the Oculus, where distinguishing pixels becomes impossible.

The consumer version of the Rift should be better, but a 4K would be even better of course.
I did some research on this and figured that it would be possible with display technology currently already announced. I summarised my findings in the following article:



That's nice. Tells us how you feel after it's been strapped to your face for four hours, compressing your focal length and tugging at your neck muscles. People keep pushing this technology likes it's something brand new, but it's been around for decades. It's as impractical as it's always been and that's not going to change any time soon.

But don't believe me, go ahead and give them your money. Ten years from now when you come across the dust-coated Oculus Fail as you're cleaning out a closet, you can at least get a chuckle out of remembering your youthful naivete.



"Back in my day, we used torches to light our caves! People think this newfangled 'lightbulb' thingermabob is new technology and that it will somehow take the world by storm. Fiddlesticks!"



I can't tell if you're just trying to be argumentative or if you're too lazy to educate yourself before making a post like this.

First of all, the screen allows you to focus at infinity which causes LESS eye-strain than monitors currently. There have also been some promising possibilities for corrective work with things like lazy eye.

Next, "tugging at your neck muscles"... I have a developer kit and it is VERY light. You can keep it on for hours with no problem at all, the consumer version is expected to be even lighter.

Saying it has been around for decades is just dumb. Only because of the surge of smartphones have 5-7" screens of high enough quality been produced.

I hope you save this ridiculous post so YOU can look back on it in ten years.



Jimmy Thang has an Oculus Rift at his house? I thought that this was all but vaporware still ?

Will the head-tracked motion be weird when combined with the controller-based motion? After I get used to moving my head around to look at stuff, will it be weird/nauseating when I use the controller to move the view, as I'd have to do if I wanted to look behind me (unless I have a swivel chair lol)?



I'm using a 720p developer kit unit.



Hopefully, one day we all can get a chance to do this:


(old video, simulator is on BF3, but still pretty cool - especially getting shot at)


John Pombrio

I cannot use the Rift with my glasses. Drats.



Does your douchebaggery know no bounds?



Even though you've repeatedly been told this is factually wrong you still keep writing it. John, are you being somehow compensated for every falsehood you spread about these devices?


There is some thought already put into making this kit work with glasses, and since the beginning the people developing the product have stated it will be made to work with glasses. Up to a certain size of course, you can't wear clown glasses and still expect it to work.

The information supporting this isn't hard to find. I'm left figuring you're either willfully ignorant or you really enjoy figuring out a way to justify negative responses.



OR (dev kit) comes with 3 sets of removable eyecups for prescription glass wearers. Also, John Carmack wears glasses, so rest assured that this capability will be engineered in.




No doubt this will be out some day ... a day long off and eternally reaching into the distance.

Did they put G-Sync into it yet? That might be a good idea when the screen experience will be so noticeable.

I want one, will buy one, probably even pre-order one. But I want them to put in some crazy-high resolution screens with super-fast response rates and ship this thing already. It should work with a bunch of titles by now. I'll even buy a new video card if it works better with current generation cards.

There's no end to the improvement of video games this could bring on, and computing in general.

Too bad this version of it now will require a camera, and won't likely be the version shipped to gamers, although leaning in so slightly won't really affect game play much, it would at least improve the 3-dimensional feel that the product already delivers.

Any news on release dates from Oculus Rift staff members?



"Any news on release dates from Oculus Rift staff members?"

Yes, sometime within the decade :'(

I am so tired of Oculus stringing along the consumer year after year. Release the damn thing already!