CES 2014: A Tour of MSI's Gaming Laptops, Steel Series Engine, and All-in-One PCs [Video]

Paul Lilly

A look at MSI's upcoming mobile and AIO products

The hustle and bustle of CES can be overwhelming at times, but that didn't stop Maximum PC Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang from dashing down the strip to where MSI is holed up for the week. Once inside MSI's hotel room, Thang flipped the switch on his video camera while reps talked about a number of products, including a next-generation GE Series gaming laptop.

Like the last generation laptop, this new build comes with a Steel Series backlit keyboard, only now it's not limited to a single color; it now uses a full color backlit keyboard. There's also a deeper level of customization, which allows you to change the color, program each individual key, and more. Have a look:

Along with upgraded hardware specs, MSI's next-generation laptops will also feature an updated Steel Series Engine keyboard software. What this does is make it easy for users to create macros. Every key is fair game, whether you're creating quick launch commands or several keystrokes rolled into one. Check it out:

Finally, MSI offered up a glimpse of its all-in-one gaming system. As currently configured (and currently available to purchase), MSI's gaming-centric AIO runs on a Core i7 processor and Radeon 8970M GPU. It has a 10-point touchscreen that's flicker-free to reduce eyestrain. While it's great for touch-oriented games, MSI says it's capable of running titles like Battlefield 4.

MSI will release another model later this year, the AG240. It's a 24-inch AIO with secretive hardware -- "next gen processor, next gen GPU." MSI says it will come out around the end of Q1 or beginning of Q2.

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