CES 2014: Origin PC's Millennium and Genesis Cases [Video]

Paul Lilly

First cases to feature four-way motherboard mounting options

Boutique builder Origin PC introduced a couple of new cases this week at CES, and in doing so, it flipped traditional case design on its head (quite literally). Origin PC's new Millennium (mid-tower) and Genesis (full-tower) cases are the first ever to allow for the motherboard to be mounted in four different orientations: Standard ATX, Inverted ATX, 90 degrees, or Inverted 90 degrees.

These aren't arbitrary options, either. According to Origin PC, the 90 degree and Inverted 90 degree motherboard orientations work best for air cooled graphics cards by utilizing your system's natural airflow. Likewise, an Inverted orientation is ideal for showing off liquid cooled video cards and/or if you prefer to place your desktop on the right side of your desk. And of course there's the Standard orientation for traditional builds.

Gordon had a chance to tour the Millennium at Origin PC's suite. Here's a look at it:

And here's Origin PC's promotion video showing off both cases:

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