CES 2014: MSI Suite Tour [Video]

Paul Lilly

A look MSI's upcoming Intel and AMD motherboards

MSI is in a tight race with ASRock to become the third largest motherboard maker behind heavyweights Asus and Gigabyte. ASRock took a slight lead in 2013, but looking ahead, MSI is expected to leapfrog into the No. 3 spot with 8 million motherboard shipments. Either way, system builders will have plenty of MSI motherboards to sift through in 2014, several of which we had a chance to glimpse at CES.

Gordon captured on video several Intel motherboards aimed at gamers. Included in the lineup of upcoming mobos is a mini-ITX board with a ton of SATA ports and running the Z87 chipset. Smaller size boards are fast becoming popular, especially with Steam Machines gaining momentum. Here's a closer look:

Prefer AMD? Don't worry, MSI has you covered. Like the Intel lineup, MSI is readying AMD boards of varying size and feature-sets, including a mini-ITX version of an FM2 board. More here:

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