CES 2014: Gaming at 12K with Nvidia! [Video]

Paul Lilly

PCs win, plain and simple

It doesn't matter if you own an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or every tablet that was every made -- you still won't be able to match the level of awesome that a PC can accomplish. To prove it, Gordon wandered over to Nvidia's booth where the GPU maker blew onlookers away with a triple monitor setup running at 12K . Yes, that's three 4K Ultra HD monitors, all attached to a monster gaming PC built by Origin PC.

Of course, gaming at 12K is by no means affordable. Not only will the triple-monitor setup put a hurt on your wallet (three Asus 4K panels will set you back $2,400), but the Origin PC powering them was configured with four GeForce Titan graphics cards. Wondering why Nvidia and Origin PC didn't opt for four GeForce GTX 780 Ti video cards? We're told it's because the 6GB frame buffer on the Titan cards helps with pushing 1.5 BILLION pixels per second.

Enough chatter, check it out for yourselves, and be sure to sit back a ways from your keyboard so you don't soak it in drool:

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