CES 2014: Enermax Suite Tour [Video]

Paul Lilly

Fans, fans, and more fans (and a fanless power supply)

Things can get crazy at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but one company that kept its cool is Enermax. We mean that literally, folks. Gordon stopped by Enermax's booth at the show to see what the company brought to show off, and the answer is fans. Lots of fans, some of which lit up and reacted to sound. On the flip side, Enermax also brought with it a fanless power supply that's 80 Plus Platinum certified.

Gordon is a confessed LED freak of sorts, and if you are too, you'll get a kick out of this 39-second video of some 30 LED fans spinning and reacting to Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child." Check it out:

Enermax also had on display its new Twister Pressure fan with a rated airflow of 79.96 CFM at just 1,800 RPM. It only puts out 25 dBA, which is roughly equivalent to a low whisper. Have a look/listen:

Lastly, Gordon got a chance to play with the Enermax Digifanless power supply. It's rated at 550W, has no fan, and is 80 Plus Platinum certified. It's also digital so you can track vitals such as wattage and how efficient it's running. In the video, Gordon fires up Furmark with the PSU powering a dual graphics card system. See what happens here:

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