CES 2014: Cooler Master Shows Off HAF Stacker Case and Mechanical Keyboards [Video]

Paul Lilly

Jimmy Thang tours Cooler Master's booth

Case and PC peripheral maker Cooler Master has been kicking out some nifty gear the past few months, including the HAF Stacker. Cooler Master made sure to bring its modular case design to CES where Maximum PC Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang had a chance to check it out up close and on camera. In addition, Cooler Master also demonstrated a few brand new cases and some sweet new mechanical keyboards with unique transitional lighting effects.

Cooler Master already unveiled the HAF Stacker, but going forward, the company plans to flesh out the ecosystem with new options and accessories such as a side window, optical drive adapter, and more storage options. Shown in the video below is the new window option, which definitely adds to the aesthetic in a positive way, plus the new cases Cooler Master has on tap for 2014. Check it out:

We're big fans of mechanical keyboards, and Cooler Master had a few on display at CES. Cooler Master showed off some neat lighting effects, including one in which the keys illuminate as you press them. It almost looks like your fingers are literally sparking the keyboard. Have a look:

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