CES 2014: Asus Throws Down the Gauntlet, Unveils a 28-inch 4K Gaming Monitor for $799 [Video]

Paul Lilly

Gaming enthusiasts, this is your next monitor

It didn't take long for Asus to jump into the 4K monitor market and claim it as its own. If you thought the price of the Philips UltraClear was reasonable (compared to 30-inch panels with lower resolutions), take a gander at the Asus PB287Q , a 28-inch display with a 4K ultra high definition resolution (3840x2160), TN panel, and blazing fast 1ms response time for just $799. Business users should take note as well.

On the ergonomics side, the stand supports tilt, swivel, height, and pivot adjustments. As for connectivity, you can hook up to the display via HDMI or DisplayPort, with the HDMI port supporting MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) for connecting smartphones and tablets.

Other rated specs include 350cd/m2 brightness, earphone jack, built-in 2W stereo speakers, Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture support, and SplendidPlus Video Intelligence technology.

One thing to note is that you'll need a burly graphics card to drive this monitor at its rated resolution. Those are becoming easier to come by these days, with both AMD and Nvidia pushing out high-end GPUs for 4K gaming.

Asus says the PB287Q will be available in the latter part of Q2.


While Asus isn't planning to launch the PB287Q until sometime in Q2, the company had one on display at CES. Gordon had a chance to check it out in person, noting that it's "simply beautiful." See what else he had to say in the following video:

In addition to a 4K panel, Asus also announced the ROG Swift PG278Q 27-inch G-Sync monitor with a WQHD resolution (2560x1440). It's tough to discern on camera, but in person, Nvidia's G-Sync technology smooths out gameplay by eliminating stuttering associated with synchronizing display refresh rates to the GPU in your Kepler card. Check it out:

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