CES 2014: Asus Suite Tour [Video]

Paul Lilly

Gordon takes you through Asus' product lineup

Asus came to CES locked and loaded with some big time product announcements, among them a 28-inch 4K Ultra HD monitor for $800 and a 27-inch G-Sync monitor, also for $800 (check out our video coverage if you haven't already). The company could have stopped there and called its visit to CES a success, but it didn't. Asus brought some other products to the show, which Gordon will walk you through in a few videos.

Kicking off the tour is a look at a prototype motherboard, the Z87 Deluxe SATA Express. The board features two SATA Express ports, each one consisting of two SATA 6Gbps ports and a PCI-E connector. SATA Express devices use a cable that occupies all three ports to achieve faster speeds than a single SATA 6Gbps port alone can provide. Have a look:

Asus also showed off its ROG Front Base. It's a front panel device with a 4-inch LCD and various ports. It works with the latest ROG motherboards and allows you to overclock and monitor vitals. There's also a boss button that tosses your out of any game you're playing (or app) and into the desktop. More here:

Finally, we take a look at a brand new M70 desktop PC for mainstream users. One cool thing about this system is that it has an intergrated UPS to keep you up and running in the event of a power outage. Here it is:

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