CES 2014: Adata Suite Tour [Video]

Paul Lilly

Tomorrow's solid state storage options

At this point in the game, it's safe to say that solid state storage devices are here to stay. They've proven reliable (mostly), are insanely fast compared to mechanical hard drives, and continue to drop in price. At CES, Adata was all about showing off its upcoming solid state solutions , including a 2TB SSD for big capacity needs, and a micro SSD solution that combines NAND flash memory and the chipset controller into a single package.

Micro SSDs won't make their way to traditional desktops, but we do expect to see them as embedded solutions in ultrabooks and NUC-like systems where space is at a premium. You might even see micro SSDs embedded into motherboards at some point. Adata says it can fit 8GB to 128GB on a single chip.

The SSD maker has a number of products on display, including an SSD build around the new M.2 form factor that is supposed to replace the mSATA standard. Here's a look at the various products Adata brought to CES:

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