CES 2013: Targus Touch Pen for Windows 8 is Next Best Thing to a Touchscreen

Paul Lilly

The Targus Touch Pen transforms your laptop into a touchscreen device.

Windows 8 begs to be touched, and though that's problematic on non-touch notebooks, you don't necessarily need a new laptop to take full advantage of Microsoft's newest operating system as it was re-imagined. Yes, you can get by just fine with a keyboard and mouse, but an intriguing compromise is a new Touch Pen device from Targus . Designed for Windows 8, the Touch Pen turns virtually any laptop into a touchscreen PC.

"People are excited about Windows 8, but not everyone can afford to buy a premium touch laptop. Users are looking for a solution that lets them experience the touch features of Windows 8 with their current laptop," said Carolyn Perrier , vice president of Accessories at Targus. "Targus is the market leader in styluses and has the only product that can convert your Windows 8 laptop into a touchscreen device. With touch mice and touchpads, you have to learn new gestures, but the Touch Pen is almost as easy as using your finger. It’s the most intuitive touch solution and makes your laptop fun to use."

The way it works is you attach a small receiver to the side of your laptop. Once that's in place, the Touch Pen stylus allows you to swipe, slide, and touch your way around Windows 8, just as if you were using your finger on a touchscreen panel. It has a soft bristle tip to prevent any rubber prints or damage to your screen, and it doesn't require any special software or drivers. Perhaps best of all (for power users), it works with laptops up to 17 inches in size.

Targus says the Touch Pen will be available in the second quarter of this year for $100, which is pricey, but far less expensive than a new laptop.

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