CES 2013: MSI Shows Gaming Laptops and Windows 8 S20 Convertible Tablet [Video]

Paul Lilly

We visit MSI's booth at CES to spy new products for 2013.

Over the next few days, we'll be posting lots of video coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which you can stay on top of by visiting our website daily and/or subscribing to our YouTube channel ( MaximumPCMag ). One of our first stops was MSI's suite, where ace reporter and Online Editor Jimmy Thang got the skinny on the company's new gaming laptops and Windows 8 S20 convertible tablet.

We saw laptops running dual solid state drives configured in RAID 0 for blazing fast performance and file transfers. Intel and AMD were both represented in the CPU department. MSI also gave us a close-up examination of the SteelSeries keyboard it's using in most of its laptops.

In case you're wondering, MSI's GX laptops run AMD processors and graphics, whereas the GT line uses Intel CPUs and Nvidia GeForce GPUs.

Like so many others at CES, MSI had on display Windows 8 products, including an upcoming S20 Slidebook that the company describes as an Ultrabook convertible. You can see it all below:

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