CES 2013: Looking at Munitio's Armament of Headphones [Video]

Paul Lilly

Munitio makes the only 'bullet' we'd ever want to take to the head.

Usually when there's a bullet plugged into someone's ear, they're not getting up, at least not until they respawn. A company called Munitio, however, has built a pair of bullet-shaped earphones that aren't lethal. If you're familiar with the company, you know the referenced earphones as the Nines , which are shaped like tactical 9mm bullets. Munitio's relaunching the Nines with added features for mobile devices, and the company also shared a brand new product with us at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The redesigned Nines will ship in February for $149 and feature an in-line 3-button control for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices.

Our CES interrogator and Online Editor Jimmy Thang also dug up some intel on Muniti's over-the-ear Pro40 headphones . The Pro40s march into battle with 40mm titanium-coated dynamic drivers and a custom tuned Bass Enhancing Chamber. They'll have dual interchangeable cables, a cloth covered 3-button in-line controller, and come enclosed in a premium molded nylon hard shell case with attachment D-ring and carabineer. Look for the Pro40 headphones to ship in April for $349 MSRP.

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