CES 2013: E Fun's APEN Touch8 Brings Touch Input to Non-touchscreen Windows 8 Laptops

Pulkit Chandna

Will take on the Targus Touch Pen

Windows 8 on a non-touchscreen device makes for a far-from-ideal experience, but if that is what you are stuck with then you are likely to be interested in the special touch pen accessories being showcased at the ongoing CES 2013 event by E Fun and Targus. Since we have already covered the prosaically named Targus Touch Pen , we are going to focus on the eFun aPen in this article.

The E Fun APEN Touch8, described as a "multi-touch-screen digitizer" by the company, has two components: a USB-powered receiver that snaps to the side of the display and a wireless pen that packs a user-replaceable watch battery said to be good for 500 hours of continuous use. E Fun is avowedly eyeing the hundreds of millions of non-touchscreen Windows 7 PCs that can be upgraded to Windows 8, and feels its touch pen accessory can help those interested in upgrading enjoy the full Windows 8 experience without having to buy a new PC.

While we will only be able to pick a winner once both the E Fun APEN and the Targus Touch Pen are out, the APEN has already got plenty going for it with its $80 price tag and Q1 2013 expected release date; according to Targus, it’s Touch Pen for Windows 8 will be available sometime during the second quarter at an MSRP of $99.99.

From E Fun’s press release :  “The APEN Touch8 allows users to slide, swipe, and zoom right along with their Windows 8 applications. They can open programs, folders, and files; search the Internet; access e-mails; play games; draw; sign digital documents; shift to background programs; close applications; and so much more with the flick of a stylus.”

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