CES 2013: Cases, Coolers, and Gaming Accessories [Video]

Paul Lilly

Cooler Master came prepared with plenty of products to show off.

The folks at Cooler Master made the most of their suite at the Consumer Electronics Show by cramming it full of computer cases, air and liquid coolers, power supplies, and gaming accessories, including several unreleased products. Master of cool and Maximum PC Online Editor Jimmy Thang captured nearly 20 minutes of video touring Cooler Master's hardware, along with its CM Storm division.

Cooler Master kicked things off by giving us a look at two new versions of the Scout II, both advanced models. The cases come standard with three fans and feature an upgraded dust filter system to keep dust bunnies at bay. You'll be able to purchase these cases within the next two months.

We then toured Cooler Master's 2013 cooler lineup. Plenty of self-contained liquid and air coolers were on display, some of which have been upgraded with the company's exlusive vapor chamber technology. What this consists of is a base with a built-in vapor chamber to help dissipate heat more quickly to the heatpipes.

An old favorite was also on display, the Hyper 212 Evo , a cooler we named Best of the Best . The cooler is essentially the same for 2013, but with an upgraded fan that's supposedly more reliable and offers better cooling performance.

One of the more interesting products on display was CM Storm's Rapid keyboard. New Rapid models will come in black instead of silver, and the stealth version moves the key lettering to the bottom side of the keys, so they're only viewable at an angle. Why? For one, it gives the keyboard a unique look, but it also increases the longevity of the keycap itself, especially for power typers, CM Storm explained to us.

View it all below, and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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