CES 2012 Sets New Records For Floor Space, Attendance, and Exhibitors

Maximum PC Staff

Many have signaled Microsoft’s departure from future CES events as a death knell for the massive industry convention, however if that’s true, the numbers certainly don’t back that assumption up. According to CES officials, 2012 set an all-time record for attendance, exhibitors and claimed floor space . As a result of the overwhelming success, CES 2013 has been scheduled for January 8-11 next year, and will feature a new lead keynote speaker to replace Microsoft.

If you’re curious about how the numbers played out, here is a brief rundown. Floor space was up only slightly from last year, increasing to 1.86 million square feet over 2011’s 1.857 million. Attendees on the other hand hit a record 153,000 this year, edging out 2006’s total of 152,000, and blasting away 2011’s paltry 149,500.

You could still make the argument that CES is walking wounded now that Microsoft has thrown in the towel, so it will be interesting to see how these numbers shake out next year. Anyone care to make any predictions

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