CES 2011: PixelOptics' New Electronically Focusing Glasses!

Alan Fackler

Scared to shell out the dough for laser eye surgery? How about purchasing one of the most technologically complex glasses ever, instead?

In this video from CES , Editorial Director Jon Phillips takes a look (that was easy) at PixelOptics snazzy new, crazy-intricate electronically focusing glasses. The glasses are programmed to respond to different touches, including a tap to the temples and a dramatic swipe across the frames.  Each of these commands changes your "viewing mode", whether you're reading, or looking at wide angles from afar.

This is all made possible by liquid crystals that are imbedded in the frame, which, when charged with electricity, take on a different refractive index altogether. If all this sounds pretty complex, well it is. Hit the video to let a pro explain it to you better.

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