CES 2010: Silverstone's Sugo SG07 Mini-ITX Case Fits a 5970!

Maximum PC Staff

Talk about a tight fit. Silverstone was at CES to show off their new line of cases (including the highly-anticipated Fortress 2 mid-tower case), but what caught our eye was their Sugo SG07 mini-ITX case. Last year's SG06 was a respectable gaming chassis, but didn't account for the massive videocards that came out in the second half of the year. The new model is built with those cards in mind, and as you can see from the photo below, snuggly houses a 12.6-inch Radeon 5970 videocard!

The SG07 also comes bundled with a Silverstone custom single-rail 600W power supply to provide ample power to a single-GPU system, and has a beefy 180mm fan on top. There's also a specially-designed ventilation area that's sectioned off on the base of the machine to funnel hot air away from the videocard without heating up the entire chassis.

But does it make sense to put the world's fastest videocard into a mini-ITX system? With a new batch of P55 mini-ITX motherboards just coming out, the answer is yes. In fact, the rig that Silverstone had set up included a DFI LANParty MI P55 motherboard and Intel Core i7 860 CPU. And from the photo below, you can tell that the case is tall enough for a sizable CPU heatsink.

The only thing that seemed to be missing was a handle at the top of the case for easy portability, but Silverstone's rep told us any handles mounted on top would warp the relatively thin aluminum casing. A GearGrip-style case carrying harness will have to do for now.

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