CES 2009: Opera Flaunts Device 9.7 SDK, Browsing on Wii Expected to Improve

Pulkit Chandna

It took nearly the whole of last year for Opera Software to develop version 9.7 of its Device SDK. Now that the SDK is ready, Opera has decided to flaunt it blithely at CES. Among the major additions to the SDK is Opera Link, which “continuously synchronizes your bookmarks and Speed Dial between any computers, mobile phones and now devices.”

The future of the internet is in providing an experience that traverses various platforms and so Opera has made a decent start with Opera Link. Cnet expects the Opera Device 9.7 SDK to shine brightest on the Wii’ Internet Channel as it will allow Wii users to easily circumvent the console’s tedious input method.

The 9.7 SDK also brings along a much smoother hardware accelerated version of Opera Zoom. The SDK is available to all device manufactures interested in offering an enhanced internet experience on their devices.

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