Certain Tech Businesses to Profit from Financial Meltdown

Pulkit Chandna

There are always some new opportunities hidden inside the belly of financial storms like the one that is currently pounding the economy. Perhaps Eweek peeped inside that belly as it has compiled a list of technology businesses it believes are set to benefit from the current financial downturn.

Companies selling risk assessment tools are headed for great business because the current meltdown has been blamed in part on poor risk management of major financial institutions. The likes of McAfee, Symantec, SAP and RSA Security are few of the major companies offering such tools and as a result expected to benefit greatly.

The financial crisis is going to be beneficial to tech companies that deal in file transfers, e-discovery, e-mail archiving and enterprise search, according to the website .

E-Discovery in particular is going to profit from the contemporary legal makeup coupled with the crisis. As the drama usually spills over from tense boardrooms to courtrooms during such financial crises, lawyers are going to enjoy a windfall. However, they will have to share their spoils with e-discovery firms because current laws put the onus on the proper storage and discovery of all information related to a particular business enterprise.

Image Credit: NewStatesman

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