Casio's Bluetooth Watch Tells Your Smartphone to Shut Up

Paul Lilly

There are several places where you should make sure your smartphone is turned to vibrate, or off completely. The movie theater, for example. You should also silence your phone at the doctor's office, during lectures, and while attending class. But what if you forget? Just tap your watch.

That's part of the idea behind Casio's new watch using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Casio's been showing a prototype version at CES, demonstrating how it communicates with your smartphone by sharing a two-way data link. One of the things you can do with it is stop your smartphone's ring or vibration alerts simply by tapping the watch rather than feverishly fumbling around your pants pocket.

The watch will also alert you to email messages and provide accurate time information from the smartphone. According to Casio, you can do all this and still wear the watch every day without recharging it because it doesn't consume any more battery life than a conventional wristwatch.

Image Credit: Casio

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