Can't Believe the "Mojave Experiment"? See It for Yourself


The results of Microsoft's Project Mojave , in which Microsoft demoed Windows Vista under a code name for 120 Vista skeptics in the San Francisco area, are now avaiable online, the Windows Vista blog reported today, and also explained some test details:

  • The focus group took place over three days in San Francisco and was conducted earlier this month.
  • All participants were either Mac, Linux, or users of versions of Windows that came before Windows Vista.
  • Respondents were chosen from the focus group organizer's database, called at random, but then selected based on having a low perception of Vista (<5 rating on a scale of 1-10).
  • The participants were given a demo by a trained retail salesperson - geared towards the experiences they seemed most interested in following a series of interviews. While the retail salesperson drove the demo, it was geared by the interests and direction of the participant.
  • We did not use some geeked out or custom built PC. We used an HP Pavilion DV2500. It had 2GB of RAM and was running an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7500 @ 2.20GHz. The OS was a 32 bit version of Windows Vista Ultimate.
  • Of the 120 respondents* polled, on a scale of 1:10 where 10 was the highest rating, the average pre-rating for Windows Vista was 4.4. After they saw the demo, respondents rated Mojave an average of 8.5.

*84% of respondents use Windows XP; 22% use MacOS; 14% use versions of Windows before XP; 1% use Linux.

To see the interviews for yourself, head over to the Mojave Experiment website .

After You Try Mojave, We'd Like You to Try Our Coffee...

If this experiment reminds you of the legendary Folgers' Coffee hidden camera taste tests , you're not alone. Wall Street Journal tech blogger Ben Worthen also noticed , but that's not surprising. Earlier this month, Worthen suggested a variety of ways for Redmond to fight back against Apple's snarky ads, including a blind taste test (Worthen suggested the equally legendary "Pepsi Challenge" as a model). Interestingly enough, CNet's Crave did a side-by-side Zune versus iPod "taste test" last year - and the Zune won .

So, now that you can see the actual interviews, what do you think? Drop by the Mojave Experiment website , watch some of the interviews, then give us your thoughts.

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