Canonical's Ubuntu Server 11.10 to Flex ARM Support

Paul Lilly

Canonical hasn't been bashful about backing ARM, injecting support for the alternative processor into its desktop Ubuntu platform nearly three years ago before tablets and 1GHz smartphones made ARM the talk of the town. Now comes word that Ubuntu Server 11.10 will support ARM processors and ship simultaneously with x86 and x86-64 platforms.

"With Ubuntu Server becoming the de-facto standard for cloud infrastructure and big data solutions, we recognize that power consumption is key to efficient scaling. Building on four years of working with ARM, we are now taking the step of supporting Ubuntu Server on ARM. We expect these processors to be used in a variety of use cases including microservers," Chris Kenyon, VP of OEM services at Canonical, said in a blog post .

Kenyon says the base image of all three releases will be the same regardless of architecture, with all three versions sharing a common kernel baseline. And lest anyone thinks Canonical is simply dipping its server toes in ARM's waters, the open source software maker intends to make the ARM architecture part of the long term support (LTS) version of Ubuntu Server in 12.04 and other future releases.

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