Canonical Readies Special Version of Ubuntu for Tablets

Paul Lilly

It's already a foregone conclusion that Google's Android OS will hop in the handheld tablet ring with Apple's iPhone OS and duke it out for tablet supremacy, and despite canceled products like HP's Slate and Microsoft's Courier, some still believe it will be a Windows 7 device that knocks the iPad from its perch. But what about Ubuntu?

Fear not, Canonical fans, because the open-source software maker has every intention of competing in the tablet space and is busy readying a version of Ubuntu for slates.

"The devices world is a really exciting space right now and we're really bullish on it," said Chris Kenyon , Canonical's vice president of OEM services. "Hats off to the iPad team for doing what they did."

As Kenyon explains it, the OS will be a slimmed down version of Ubuntu 10.10 with a simplified, touch-friend user interface.Canonical is currently in talks with tablet makers and component manufactures to make the OS run faster while consuming less power. If all goes to plan, expect to see Ubuntu-based tablets start to materialize in the first quarter of 2011.

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