Canonical Pitches Ubuntu 12.10 as 'Perfect Alternative' to Windows 8

Paul Lilly

Canonical on Thursday announced that the final version of Ubuntu 12.10 (codenamed "Quntal Quetzal") is all polished up and ready for mass consumption. It's "the perfect alternative for anyone considering a move to Windows 8," says Canonical, which points out that Ubuntu 12.10 works naturally across devices. Unlike previous versions of the open source OS, the latest release puts a heavy emphasis on the cloud.

For example, if you're searching for documents in Ubuntu 12.10, you'll not only see local results, but also files saved to online services like Google Drive. There's an Online Accounts feature that allows authentication to online sites so that photos from Flickr and contacts from Facebook show up in search results.

"Ubuntu 12.10 is the operating system for the multi-device era. It makes life significantly easier for users by adapting Ubuntu to the way people really access their content today: online and on the hard drive, at work and at home, on the phone and, of course, on the PC. As consumers and businesses consider their upgrade options, Ubuntu 12.10 offers an easier, faster alternative to competing desktop operating systems," says Jane Silber , CEO at Canonical.

There are Web Apps to play with, along with a new remote log-in option for connecting to a Citrix, VMWare, or Microsoft desktop running on a desktop virtualization server.

Ubuntu 12.10 is a free download .

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