Canon Rolls Out EOS Rebel XS


Today, Canon USA announced the Canon EOS Rebel XS , a new low-cost digital SLR camera based on the XSi introduced earlier this year. The XS will reach US store shelves in August. In other parts of the world, the XS is known as the Rebel 1000D.

What's Missing?

Compared to the XSi, the XS features a slightly lower resolution, 10.1MP (similar to that of the EOS Rebel XTi), and features 7-point autofocus, instead of the 9-point AF used by the XSi and XTi models.

A closer look at the specifications of the new model also indicates its continuous shooting speed, at 3 frames per second, is also slightly slower than the XSi's 3.5 fps. The XS also features a 2.5-inch LCD display, which is smaller than the XSi's 3-inch LCD, but the same size as the XTi's.

What's New?

In Large/Fine JPEG mode, the XS provides continuous shooting limited only by card capacity , instead of the XSi's limit of about 53 shots per burst and the XTi's limit of 27 per burst. The XS also shaves off a bit of weight, with the body weighing in at just 15.9 ounces, compared to the XSi's 16.8 ounces.

What's the Same?

The XS, like the XSi, features the new 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS (image stabilized) lens and offers Live View. Other specifications appear identical. Like its older sibling, the XS will be available in black or silver.

Building a Cheaper Bridge to Advanced Digital Photography

Canon's aiming straight for digital photographers who are ready to move up from their point-and-shoot models. As the news release puts it: "...we see the Rebel XS as the bridge to help photographers cross over from the world of point-and-shoot cameras to digital SLR technology." The Rebel XS compares well to its sibling feature-wise.

But what if you need a more powerful flash than the short-range popgun fitted to the XS, XSi and older EOS cameras?

Meet the Speedlite 430EX II

In this case, the II stands for 20% faster recycling time than the original 430EX, and it also features a quick-lock attachment system, a metal mounting foot (more durable than the 430EX's plastic foot), and can be set through the LCD screen on compatible EOS digital SLR cameras. Look for this $329.99 portable lighting wonder in August.

Are You Ready to Switch? Fight? Buy Another Body?

Whether you're already in the Canon EOS digital camp, using a rival SLR (film or digital), or are just thinking about making the jump from a point-and-shoot camera to a DSLR, tell us what's on your mind. Opinions wanted!

Images courtesy Canon USA .

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