Cancel Steam Pre-orders On Your Own

Brittany Vincent

No more buyer's remorse for hasty buyers

How many times have you pulled the trigger on a Steam pre-order, only to decide a few days before release that suddenly, you're just no longer into it? Buying in advance just isn't a good idea sometimes, as any seasoned gamer will tell you, and now Valve has implemented a way to protect you from at least some of the impulse buying its digital distribution platform inspires.

According to PCGamer by way of the Steam forums, it now appears that you can cancel pre-orders opened up in a moment of temporarily insanity without a ticket. What was once before a grueling support ticketing process has now dissipated into a painless few steps.

Simply click on the "refund an item" link listed by the item in your library and you can get the process underway all on your own. It may not be a perfect process as of yet since all the details haven't been ironed out thus far, but it's certainly a better idea than just plunking down the cash and hoping you actually like the game you preordered.

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