Canalys Predicts Half a Billion Traditional and Tablet PC Sales in 2013

Paul Lilly

Traditional PCs and tablets can coexist.

The demise of the PC as you know it is often talked about, or at least alluded to, but just because tablets are uber popular doesn't mean there isn't room for old and new style PCs in the market. According the latest forecast by Canalys , traditional and tablet PC sales combined in 2013 will total 493.1 million units, up from 459.6 million 2012. By 2017, that number will jump to 713.8 million.

Out of those half a billion PC sales, notebooks will account for the lion's share at 205.6 million, followed by tablets at 182.5 million, and finally desktops at 105 million. Though the three types of PCs will coexist, tablets are clearly the hot item right now.

"Worldwide demand for tablets has gone from strength to strength, while that for desktops and notebooks has waned. In the first quarter of 2013, the desktop market fell 10.3 percent and the notebook market declined 13.1 percent," Canalys says . "The size of the tablet market, however, more than doubled in Q1 2013, with a 106.1 percent increase in shipments to 41.9 million units. Shipments show no sign of slowing and Canalys forecasts that in 2013 tablet shipments will reach 182.5 million units, with global tablet shipments surpassing those of notebooks in the final quarter of the year."

Despite Microsoft's best marketing efforts, Canalys says the reception to Windows 8 has failed to reinvigorate demand for Windows-based PCs, prompting PC makers to come to market with cheaper Android devices. Meanwhile, Microsoft is hoping that next crop of convertibles will win users over, especially following the release of Windows 8.1 , a free update that's due out later this summer.

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