Can Switching Fonts Save You Money?

Paul Lilly

If you don't put much thought into the font you're using, maybe you should. That is, if you want to save money. But don't take our word for it - just ask the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, who claims to have found a way to cut costs by changing the font in email.

So what's the big fonting deal? According to the Wisconsin college, the switch from the default font (Arial) to Century Gothic will cut back on the amount of ink required when students print out an email. And not just by a little bit, but about 30 percent less ink, says Diane Blohowiak, the school's director of computing.

According to Blowowiak, the cost of printer ink works out to about $10,000 per gallon, so both the students and the school stand to save a lot of money. More than just about cutting costs, the font switch is also part of the school's five-year plan to go green.

What font to do you use?

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