Can Microsoft Fix Your PC?


We have all had those stubborn problems that refuse to go away no matter how long you try to fix it. As a power user, you know that Microsoft has a gigantic library of fixes. The hard part is finding the particular fix for the problem you are having. Once you get to the KB article , you are given a list of steps to perform. Most likely the steps are easy to perform and do not take much time. However, what if you manage a huge network of computers and each one of them has the particular problem? Microsoft has announced they are going to start being proactive and help people fix their computers.

The “Fix It” button is a simple script created by Microsoft to help fix common computer problems. The script is an automated feature that performs the exact functions that the steps listed provide. In the end, this will save everyone time since it will just require a few clicks.

Microsoft has about 100 of these Fix It buttons currently in place, with more probably on the horizon. They will continue to publish the manual steps in case you do not trust Microsoft or want to perform the steps yourself.

Is adding this feature enough for Microsoft to gain back the market share they are losing to Apple? Let us know what you think about this new feature from Microsoft.

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