Can Lenovo's Planned 12-inch Notebook Really be Classified as a Netbook?

Maximum PC Staff

Lenovo is looking to release an Atom N280 based IdeaPad S20 netbook featuring a larger than usual 12-inch screen. This netbook’s screen size would defy Intel’s limitations on netbooks, stating that devices can’t have screens larger than 10-inches if they are to be considered a netbook.

Reportedly, this will cause Intel to charge Lenovo an extra $10 per processor. But, Lenovo hopes that the size of their machine will boost their netbook sales by avoiding the fierce 10-inch division altogether.

The IdeaPad S20 (with the Atom N280, a GN40 chipset, and Windows XP) is expected to cost roughly $586, but no word yet on availability.

Image Credit: Lenovo

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