Calling All Readers: Which Antivirus Programs Would YOU Like to See Reviewed?

Paul Lilly

Tell us which AV programs you want to see included in this year's roundup!

Straight and to the point, we need your help. You see, we're getting ready to conduct our annual roundup of Internet security suites, and we thought we'd try something a little different this year. Rather than pick which programs we think you'd be most interested in reading about, we're letting YOU tell US which ones to include. That's right, you wield the power -- how will you use it?

The suites you pick will go through our rigorous evaluation process and receive a full write-up in print and on the web, just as we've done for the last several years. As with the prior roundups, we'll review 10 Windows security programs. Some suggestions (in alphabetical order):

Don't feel bound by the entries we've listed above; if there's a security suite you're interested in that's not listed, feel free to vote it up! Also for your reference, here are links to our past AV roundups:

2009 Antivirus Roundup
2010 Antivirus Roundup
2011 Antivirus Roundup
2012 Antivirus Roundup

Cast your vote(s) in the comments section below for our first ever Reader's Choice Antivirus Roundup!

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