Call of Duty: Black Ops, Coming Soon to Xbox, PS3, PC, and... A Jeep?

Maximum PC Staff

And here we thought videogame cut-scenes were the most ridiculous thing Activision would ever suggest we'd spend money on. Turns out, that was just a warm-up. The main event of this incredibly avant garde assault on our wallets? A Call of Duty: Black Ops-branded 2011 Jeep Wrangler . That's right: a friggin' truck. And the price of admission for entry into this very, very exclusive sect of the Call of Duty fan club? Oh, nothing too big. Just $33,500. Pocket change, right?

So, what kind of crazy-cool gadgets and Mountain Dew-fueled rocket boosters are you getting with your Call of Dutymobile? Well, uh, there's some Black Ops art on the roof and front quarter panels. And also... oh, wait. That's it. If it's any consolation, though, the car's going to be drivable in Black Ops – hopefully in the game's Cold War sections to promote the 2011 Wrangler's new addition of a flux capacitor.

"It was important for us to make sure that the Jeep partnership would be authentic and enhance the setting we immerse our fans in with Black Ops," said Mark Lamia, studio head at Treyarch. "Our work with the Jeep team focused around using the Jeep Wrangler in our levels, and gameplay experiences, and translating the style and look of the vehicle in Black Ops to the Jeep on the showroom floor that our fans can own."

So, er, yeah. This is happening. We pinched ourselves just to make sure and everything. Granted, we expect to see someone ride by on a unicorn before we actually catch a glimpse of one of these things in the wild, but still.

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