California Bears ESA's Litigation Costs, Pays $282K


The state of California has paid $282,794 to the Entertainment Software Association as compensation for the attorney’s fees the latter incurred during the legal tussle between the two. Last year, a Federal court had quashed a controversial Californian anti-videogame legislation, deeming it unconstitutional. Soon after, ESA successfully claimed compensation from the state for the attorney’s fees it paid. ESA has now extracted $1.9 million in compensation for attorney’s fees from various states in similar First Amendment litigations.

The videogame trade body ridiculed Californian legislators, in a press release, for prodigally using taxpayer’s money for such preposterous litigations, especially at a time when the state is faced by a humungous $15 billion budget gap. The state of California is currently pursuing an appeal against the Federal court’s decision, and so, California might receive another hefty bill if its appeal fails.

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