BYOC: Would You Bring Your Own Computer to Work?

Justin Kerr

The bring your own computer to work debate is one that we are sure many Maximum PC readers will have a unique opinion on, but it was also the subject of conversation in a recent BBC article where several business were asked to chime in. The concept is fairly simple. How many of you toil away for 40 hours per week on a five year old PC running Windows XP? It’s even more painful when you consider that you probably have more CPU horsepower on the smartphone in your pocket, than the soviet era antique humming away under your desk.

Several large tech companies such as Intel and Microsoft owned up to operating a “bring your own computer to work” policy where the hardware is subsidized, and both companies had nothing but praise for the program. "Employees love having the freedom to choose whatever they like," said Citrix’s vice-president of marketing. The reality is that there are a number of consumer devices that provide services that you just don't see in a corporate laptop, and employees just enjoy their computing experience more."

Of course not everyone is convinced. BNet columnist Erik Sherman says mainstream rollouts of this type of program are simply wishful thinking. "Why do you assume the employees are going to spend the money on the service contract just because you told them to?" Have you ever got anything repaired through a chain store? I have - it took like four weeks. Please don't tell me it's going to go any faster because I bought the computer for work?"

No doubt the debate will continue to rage on, but which side of the fence do you fall on?

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