Buying an Xbox One Console Requires Waiving Right to Class Action Suits

Paul Lilly

No class action suits for you!

Microsoft has already received a bunch of negative press over various aspects of the Xbox One , much of which has been addressed to gamers' satisfaction (such as removing the requirement to dial home every 24 hours). However, there remains a point of possible contention that you'll find on Microsoft's Xbox One Pre-Order Production Information website. Among the list of requirements to use the Xbox One, gamers must waive their right to participate in a class action lawsuit against Microsoft.

This isn't the first we've seen of this behavior. Sony also sought to protect itself from class action lawsuits by introducing a mandatory wavier to its terms and conditions for its PlayStation Network after it was hacked a couple of years ago.

In this case, Microsoft may have been influenced by the so-called Red Ring of Death (RRoD) that affected several early Xbox 360 models. Should something similar happen with the Xbox One, gamers would have to sue Microsoft individually rather than in a class action suit.

According to Paul A. Herman, an attorney and consumer advocacy expert, the matter is "completely objectionable," IBTimes reports . Herman said clauses like the one Microsoft is using gives them a "totally stacked deck" that makes it easy to screw customers.

"Arguments can be made that would not even be considered evidence in a real court of law," Herman told IBTimes . "If they pick the arbitration company, it's easy to skew the judgment in their favor."

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