Buy an OCZ Vector Solid State Drive and Receive a Far Cry 3 Download Code

Paul Lilly

New and existing OCZ Vector SSD (256GB and 512GB) owners are eligible receive Far Cry 3 for free.

Boy oh boy, with the free promotions out there adding up, it's starting to look like if you paid for Far Cry 3, you're doing it wrong. Far Cry 3 was featured in AMD's " Never Settle " game bundles, Samsung was giving it away with the purchase of its 840 Series solid state drives (SSDs) during Cyber Monday, and now OCZ is working the free Far Cry 3 promotion with the purchase of select Vector SSDs.

The promotion applies to 256GB and 512GB models (128GB is not included), and you can redeem up to two codes (with the purchase of two Vector SSDs). All you have to do is fill out OCZ's online form , and once approved, OCZ will email you an activation code and URL to download the game.

"What a great value-added opportunity for gaming enthusiasts worldwide to experience the industry's fastest SSD with the popular Far Cry 3 game noted for its exceptional game play, rich graphics, challenging missions and compelling story," said Tobias Brinkmann , Vice-President of Global Marketing for OCZ Technology. "We are very pleased to partner with a leading game developer such as Ubisoft on this special Vector SSD Series promotion and hope that gaming enthusiasts worldwide will experience the ultimate SSD performance for their PC gaming applications."

The promotion runs until June 30, 2013; download codes expire on July 14, 2013.

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