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Preface: There is nothing more irritating than finishing a blog post, only to have the CMS system completely wipe the HTML for said post, for some reason. *sigh*

In my frantic rush to finish a hastily assigned article for the June issue, a head-to-head that pits the four top webmail services against each other, I've tried to take a few breaks here and there. Since I'm still waiting for Guitar Hero 2 to make its way to northern California, I've had to substitute my urge to rock with my urge for listening to rock. Rocking out , if you will. And right now, there's nothing more soothing to my ears than live, orchestrated video game music. If the success of the oft-loved Video Games Live concert series is any indication, I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Acronym soup aside, the VGL came to town last month when the GDC brought every blogger, podcaster, video blogger, 14-year-old, and livejournaler to town en masse . I'm still kicking myself that I had to miss the event, but not as hard as I used to. Thanks to the power of The Internets -- specifically, a YouTuber named " jkoz " -- I've been enjoying the best of the best from VGL's trip to Yale University . IANAL, but I'm pretty sure these excellently recorded clips won't get DMCA'd to death, as VGL allows patrons to enter with cameras and camera phones.


Need I say more? This stirring rendition of the themes from Halo Uno, Dos, and Tres makes me long even more for a chance to slap a Spartan Mjolnir Mark VI Helmet Replica on my cat's head. Have you plunked down your preorder?

Martin Leung

Not to be confused with Brother Martin of Oblivion fame, my newest facebook friend is absurdly talented. Propelled to fame from a 10-minute video of him rocking Super Mario Brothers tunes, this kid puts his fingers where his mouth is. Just not at the same time, I hope. In this case, Martin's rocking out Castlevania songs on a pipe organ; even for a YouTube video, it still sounds pretty grand.

While not as good as the YouTube video of the Black Mages ' version, One Winged Angel still rocks "the hizzy." It's my goal to be able to play something -- any bit -- of the song on any instrument someday, but I fear I'll need some more agility orbs before I'm ready to tackle the progressions in this one. Yeeps.

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