Busy Little Bees: Reports from Internland

Nathan Edwards

It's the Butters Weeklyish Update!

It's been a busy week here at Maximum PC. Articles for the November issue are almost all in, and I for one am plenty excited. I just wrapped up the Hardware Autopsy, a few QuickStart articles and a review of a new gaming rig, which mark my first magazine byline since March 06, so I'm pretty pumped. Not to give too much away, but I'm also the cover model.

The secret project I mentioned last week is the PDF Archive , which Will announced last week. We're back to August 2006 so far, and we're working our way backwards from there. Not only is this good for you, the readers, it's good for me, as I get to look over every single issue of the magazine while I put the PDFs together. Woots abound.

Another first is a-brewing: I'm starting to build my first custom rig over in the Labs. Although I've kept up with the build-it-yourself scene for years, I haven't had the resources to pursue it until now. It's not going to be quite as fancy as the Dream Machine, of course - interns don't rank dual 8800s. I'm starting with the Zalman Fatal1ty case and using an AMD x2 5000+ CPU, then adding whatever I can scrounge from Gordon, Dave, and Mike. When I'm done it'll probably be closer to our test bed system than anything we've reviewed recently, but at least it'll do better than my laptop.

That's about it for this update. Now it's time to stealth into Tom's cube and steal his copy of Bioshock. Until next time, I'm Marty Stouffer. Enjoy your Wild America .

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