Businesses Go Bananas for Apple's iPad

Paul Lilly

At this point in the game, we're all aware of what trick Apple's "magical" tablet can't perform -- Flash, reading from a USB drive, multitask -- but shortcomings aside, the iPad is finding a significant fan base in the enterprise environment. This is particularly true over at AT&T, which obviously has a vested interest in the iPad's success, so much so that the company is seriously considering trading in work-issued laptops for iPads.

And it's not just AT&T that's warming up to the iPad. According to AT&T chief financial officer Richard Lindner, businesses in general are showing more interest in Apple's tablet than they did with the iPhone.

"When we first introduced the iPhone, businesses and ICOs of our businesses customers were reluctant," Lindner said during a conference call. "They kind of pushed back on bringing the iPhone into their infrastructure. Over time, that has changed dramatically."

Contrast that with the iPad, which Lindner says is being welcome with open arms right from the get go.

"One thing that's been encouraging and a bit surprising is the level of interest from business customers," Lindner added. "Right from the beginning with the iPad we've had a number of our business customers express interest."

Lindner isn't alone in his assessment. As Apple tells it, about half of the Fortune 100 companies are currently "deploying or piloting" the iPad.

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