BumpTop Integrates Multitouch Gesture Controls

Paul Lilly

BumpTop, the sexy 3D overlay for Windows-based operating systems, purports to make your PC's desktop act "like a real desk," but that's hard to do when you're still required to fumble around with a keyboard and mouse. Realizing this, the BumpTop developers have added multitouch support , including a handful of gestures the company claims to have patents for.

In addition to the typical gestures found on just about any multitouch device, BumpTop ups the ante with gestures that use all five fingers, both hands, and even the side of your hands. Gestures the company claims to have a leg up on the competition include "lasso," "shove," " scrunch," "fan out," and a few others.

You can download a version of BumpTop for free, but if you want multitouch support -- as well as the ability the toss files onto USB keys, thumbnail previews without watermarks, and other extras -- you'll have to shell out for BumpTop Pro, currently priced at $29.

Video Demo

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