Bullets + Blenders = iPhone 4S Carnage

Paul Lilly

We get it folks, you don't come here to read Apple content, though the occasional newsworthy blip warrants a bit of coverage every now and then. That includes the iPhone 4S, Apple's latest and greatest smartphone that set a 3-day sales record of more than 4 million devices during its launch weekend. You already know that. But do you know if it will blend? And is the new hardware capable of standing up to 50 caliber armor piercing incendiary rounds? The answers are easy, and the videos demonstrating each one are awesome.

So there you have it, the iPhone 4S, even with its dual-core processor, dual-antennas, extra lens, and Siri integration doesn't make the device bulletproof. Now let's see if it will blend.

Yep, it blends, just like the iPhone 4 and everything else Tom Dickson tosses into his high-powered Blendtec blenders. Anyone think these would be covered under Apple's AppleCare+ policy?

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