Bullet Hits Google Chrome

Pulkit Chandna

Last month’s release of Chrome 14 brought along with it Native Client (NaCl) support, paving the way for the execution of native C code within the browser. Native Client is meant to turn the browser into a playing ground for serious 3D games and powerful apps. That said, there haven’t been any real signs of that transformation in the few weeks (a seriously long time in Chrome years) since Chrome 14’s launch. But a new development might just help expedite the whole process.

The Bullet Physics library has been ported to NaCl . Published under the zlib license, Bullet has spread its magic far and wide, from AAA games like GTA IV to hit films like Shrek 4 to popular 3D tools like Blender. The Bullet Physics NaCl Test can now be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. It’s a simple C++ Bullet Physics simulation intended to demonstrate basic Bullet capabilities.

“Use the mouse wheel for camera zoom and left mouse button to pick and drag objects. The test embeds a Blender 3D .blend file and it can also load a local .blend file,” reads the Chrome Web Store description of Bullet Physics NaCl Test. “This is an unmodified version of the Bullet C++ library using the premake build system. See the source code at http://github.com/erwincoumans/experiments.”

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