Build a PC: Recommended Builds (February 2014)



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There are many choices here, and I need time to think, thanks for this information!



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I'm wondering if the Budget build is fairly easy to put together and get running and whether or not it is upgradable.

I plan on using this for streaming media and playing games. I've added RAM and optical drives as well as swapped HDDs before on pre-built PCs but never actually assembled one from scratch.

Guess i'm really just wanting to know if I can add another GPU of the same kind to this later or not.

NewEgg has the whole set-up listed at $750 so I was gonna add a LG blu-ray reader/writer for another $70.

Any comments or suggestions would be welcome.




I've used a Maxtor and three Seagates including a SCSI Cheetah. The only drive that failed, after five years, was an IDE Seagate that I opted not to use forced air cooling bad.



For baseline, if you're not going to OC just drop the -K from the CPU, use the OEM fan (with decent case ventilation) and you can double up the RAM for about the same price. I like G.Skill sticks, but that's just a personal preference.

Also, as JosephColt said, dump the Seagate for a Western Digital. Seagates are garbage and always have been. Only people ever made a cheaper and less reliable drive was Maxtor -- and Seagate bought them!



Seagates are fine for budgets, but not as reliable as western digital.

Skip the K95, it's a great keyboard, but the MX RGB is coming out.

The F3-12800CL8D-8GBXM has better timings for a little more.

Corsair Vengeance is over priced due to brand name. You're better off using F3-12800CL8Q-16GBZH for 1600mhz range.

Overall, the rest isn't to shabby.



Have you tried a Seagate yourself? I bought 3 western digital last year, one completely failed only one month after buying it (0% health), while one of the remaining two already has several bad sectors. My Seagate HDDs lasted longer than 4 years without problems. Now, tell me why should I stop buying Seagate and get a WD instead.



I've had a lot of hard drives over the years, 200+ for my own self alone I'd estimate, and I'd say from personal experience WD is better. I've only had a few bad apples from Western Digital(around 5%), but a lot of bad ones from Seagate(around 25%). Still have most of my old western digital ones bagged, tagged, and working no doubt too. I've phased out all my Seagate drives, and couldn't be happier.



I'm assuming your seagate statement is based on the backblaze case study. That backblaze study was unreliable and irrelevant to home PCs in more ways than you can count. There is no evidence to support the claim that seagates are unreliable in home PC use.



Read my other reply, but from personal experience I'd say it's close.