Build a PC: Recommended Builds (April 2014)



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Do you have the Corsair Hydro H100i's radiator above the Phantom 530 case or suspended inside? I'm actually building an almost identical rig to the Performance build you have here, but there doesn't seem to be enough overhead for me to suspend the radiator + fans inside without the motherboard being in the way. When mounting the radiator above and the fans inside, the fan screws don't appear to line up with the track on the 530 case.



isn'tthe 750w xfx overkill for the baseline, I've got pretty much the same setup with a 550w xfx.. unless its future proofing for sli i don't see the point.



I can't believe its been two years since I completed my MPC baseline build! Time goes by so quickly. Even though my rig is still capable of any game I throw at it, I felt a pang of jealously when I saw the current baseline has a 760 in it. My rig only has a 560! Perhaps i'll be upgrading to the 800 series later this year.


Ghost XFX

"The Kraken X60 cooler is powerful yet quiet"

Kraken X60? Where? I only see the H100i...



The budget build doesn't make sense in my head. Why would you go for an SSD but no optical drive? You seriously couldn't drop another $15 or so for a simple little CD reader/writer?



Do people still use optical drives? I haven't had one in my builds in years.



I still use optical drives. As I use it when I scan my parents old slides and negatives and transfer them to DVD after they are restored with Photoshop.



Wow, an 850W PSU with 6 PCIe connectors. My 650W PSU only has 2, I had to adapt a third. Humbled.

SLI with top-end cards, potentially 3 of them, in a case with no side intake?

BTW, what are the dust covers like on the C70's side intake ports?



I've pondered bumping the Performance tier up to one kilowatt, because 850 watts is actually a little tight for three high-end cards. Building isn't an exact science :)

It turns out that the grill on the lower right-hand side of the Phantom's side panel has a fan mount, but there's already a lot of air that can come in from the front. Getting heat out of the system is arguably a bigger problem.

The C70's side panel fan mounts don't have dust filters, as far as I know.