Build A Budget Haswell PC



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I agree with most others... If I were building a budget PC, I'd omit the SSD and get a TB drive and invest the $$ saved into a low-end GPU that was more capable that the Intel 4600.

But I guess if the purpose was to see if an Intel-based budget build could compete with an AMD budget build, it's understandable.



Things I would've changed @

Cheaper case: Because at this point, a case is just there to hold the hardware :D

Cheaper CPU: An i3 can still play games fairly well. If this is a gaming rig, then this can slide a little.

Dropped SSD: No real need for it IMO.

Dropped optical drive: Well, add $20 if you really need one for the computer, otherwise get an external one for the occasional use.

Added a video card: And again, if this is a gaming rig, this is where money should be spent on.

Although without the promo discounts, it'd add about $50.


The Mac

haswell i3s were not out at the time (December 2013 issue, so most likely october), they had no choice but to use an i-5. This us specifically a haswell build.



To those that say the optical is unnecessary I respond with this.
1. USB connected media, i.e. thumbdrives/flash memory, isn't currently being used to deliver software on physical media. CD's, DVD's, Blu-ray are.
2. Downloading from the 'cloud' is real nice. IF YOU HAVE A FAST INTERNET CONNECTION. There is a large majority of people that don't have access the fast internet. Example: for me to download Portal 2 from Steam took about 3 hours. Sorry, optical beats that hands down. So it is still a necessity to me and lots of others. Optical media wins.
3. Show me where to legally download Crysis 3 from the 'cloud'. How about Thief. Assassins Creed? COD Ghosts? Dishonored? Seems like they are optical media instead of 'cloud' based. Optical media wins again.
4. Yes, there is Steam (and others) for downloading games. But I've already indicated that it takes many hours for me and others to download where it just takes a couple of minutes with optical media for installation. Optical media wins another round.

The 'dent' in the side of the case and those that say the case is 'ugly'.

I've got a dent in my case. It doesn't impede its operation. Get over it. You buy a case and during shipping it gets the same dent. You shipping it back for replacement? Suing the shipping company? If the dent is that controversial, invest in auto body dent removal tools and learn how to use them. That dent could be gone in 30 seconds of work.

'Ugly' case. How many of you that say the case is 'ugly' have your case front and center for others to spy first and foremost to relish as a work of art? Mine is on the floor next to the desk (with its dent).

MPC wasn't building this for looks. It was built as an exercise in comparing two different builds that cost pretty close to each other. One based on an AMD cpu and the other Intel. With internals as close to each other as practical.
Don't change the amount of ram from one to the other as that could influence the benchmarks. Do use the same ram speed from one to the other as it could influence the benchmarks. Do use the same drives from one to the other as it could influence the benchmarks.

With all the 'you should've used this rather than that' or the 'you don't need that anymore today' comments, I'm surprised no one has said that Linux should've been used. Would we then we would also have a heated discussion over which version of Linux to use because 'this one is obviously better than that one'?? Damned right we would.
Picayune responses, in my opinion, to an article about comparative builds.
Let the flaming begin.



1. I haven't had software I needed yet that I need a DVD for years even windows 7 and 8 can be booted form USB drives.

2. With the price of gas and how much more expensive games off the shelf are, some of us are on a budget and prefer the steam deals even if we have let it download overnight.

3. All those games are on steam or origin.

4. Again saving money wins another round, another loss for optical.

As for the dent in the case? I'm sorry but a defect is a defect why spend my money when the parts dealer replaces it for free?

Funny how you mention optical then tell them they should use Linux, everything on Linux is a download.



The one thing Cooler Master does right is airflow, that's for sure.

Even if it's a budget case, I like to see that AMD can still edge out a win in the benchmarks in almost all categories, mostly due to the superior integrated graphics.

Btw guys, they only used an SSD was to keep the playing field even with the Test bed, even though, a HDD would have done the job just fine, especially for a budget PC.



I have that processor so no issues there. ;)

1. Too little RAM. I wouldn't use anything below 4GB today, even without any gaming.

2. No need for an optical drive for a "budget box". I haven't used my optical drive in so long that I just took it out.

3. That case is UGLY.

4. SSD or HDD? Pick one or the other and save some cash.



this is a great budget build. and he says x2 ram so that is 8gb. this machine is awesome and balanced.



you misread the ram



Ah, so I did. OK, I take that one back.



For the price, you cut the OS price and SSD price, throw those into a better CPU or even a mid-range GPU, then that is better. A budget PC doesn't need SSD. Also, what kind of crappy case is that? I have seen cheaper yet better ones.

And I don't agree with who says no need for optical drives, $15 is nothing here and won't kill the budget. Besides, you will never know when you need them, it is just like an extra usb port.



Cases with beer bumps on them should be cheaper than $50.



Dude, is that a dent I see on the side of the case? Not cool. You think that could have been Photoshoped out.



Yup. That's what it looks like.



Spent too much on case (And not even a good one at that) and memory, didn't need optical or ssd for a cheap machine, it's nice but unjustifiable at that price range. Can and have built more capable machines than this, for less.

In case it's not been noticed, more and more cases are coming with fewer or no 5" 1/4" bays, and they are mostly there for the odd blu ray drive or front panel accessory like sound card front bay or fan controller etc. I have not touched my optical drive in literally 4 years and probably CBA to install it in my next case.

Just my 2 cents.