Build Your Own Mass Effect M8 Avenger Assault Rifle

Paul Lilly

Those of you who ever wanted to piece together your very own replica of Mass Effect's M8 Avenger assault rifle should send Harrison Krix a 'Thank You' card. This 28-year-old self-proclaimed "dork working in Graphic Design" went and posted a detailed work log on how to build a very cool looking knock-off of the in-game weapon.

"I've been a huge Mass Effect fan for awhile now, and with the release of the second game I knew I wanted to take a crack at building some of the weaponry from the ME universe," Krix explains. "As a bit of a personal challenge to myself, I decided to construct this gun from as much of my existing materials as possible. That is to say, 95 percent of what you see here is scrap I had in my shop from other builds. In the end, the entire piece cost me $28 in raw materials."

Krix walks readers through the blueprints stage and on through every last step, the end-result being a fantastic battery powered replica that lights up and even simulates the muzzle flash.

Check out the awesome mod here .

Image Credit: Harrison Krix

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