Buggy Microsoft Security Essentials Update Kicks XP Machines While Down



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It is good that MSE is updating and it will strengthen security. The MSE update is also applicable for WINDOWS XP. It is good news that after closing support for WINDOWS XP microsoft still thank about windows xp users. But the problem is that they made a generic update and which causing problem windows xp machine. It would be better if they release a version for windows xp user.



Yes, I got it as well. I removed MSE, downloaded it from FileHippo to reinstall it (since Microsoft no longer offers it for download) and then an automatic update came up for it over-night and updated it and rebooted the customers system, which meant the processes the computer was working on were not restarted after the reboot until the customer came in the next day.



Great... and I was foolish enough to install MSE on XP on a few customer machines a few months ago before I realized support for it would also expire after April 8.

Here come the "callbacks" on the Easter long weekend. :/

Next time, I'm sticking to Avast.



I actually encountered this error. It was accompanied by obnoxious periodic scroll-up posts from the task bar informing me that WinXP is no longer supported.

There's no way that this was just a coincidence.



Yes because they would risk a massive class action lawsuit for intentionally disabling peoples computers.

I think your tin foil hat is on to tight, it's cut the blood flow to your brain.



It didn't disable the computer per se, it just made it too obnoxious to use until the software was uninstalled. I've seen malware that both caused ads to pop up and was less obnoxious.

Microsoft scoffs at a "massive" class action lawsuit, especially when it pertains to Windows XP.



This is funny, from all sides!



Thanks for this article. Im working on a PC at work right now that pretty much fits this situation. phew



Really? What legit business hires a "professional computer engineer" who would willingly deploy MSE in their infrastructure?

I find that person's credibility/knowledge/sanity in question. Either he works for a small business who can't afford to invest in a viable anti-virus (aka non-educated and probably lacking real world experience), or he's just some dude wanting to sound like he knows what he's talking about.

Having spent over a decade in the support world; I've never ever worked/met/spoke with any credible engineer who would (even for one second) think MSE was a good idea.



o"or he's just some dude wanting to sound like he knows what he's talking about."

This, more than likely. I wish I had a dime for every "scientist/SEAl/Phophet" i've encountered on the internet.



Given its poor detection rates and now this I don't know why anyone would use it (especially since there are more effective free alternatives).