Buffalo's PC-SDVD/U2G dongle, easiest VHS to DVD converter yet

Maximum PC Staff

If you’ve got any VHS, Beta or 8mm tapes that still need digitized, your list of hardware choices has increased by one. Buffalo Technology of Japan has introduced the PC-SDVD/U2G USB dongle , which allows easy hook-up and transfer of all your old-school video.

It’s a simple little thing , really. It offers RCA jacks for video and audio and an S-Video jack, which are connected to your PC via a USB port. In this respect it’s not all that much different from other products now on the market, such as the Dazzle DVD Recorder, the Sabrent TV-USB20, or theStarTech.com S-Video to USB 2.0 Video Capture Cable.

The PC-SDVD/U2G also comes with software, compatible with Windows 7, that performs the capture and outputs to MPEG1, MPEG2, PSP, or iPod. The software also has some rudimentary editing capability, has a noise reduction feature, and appears to burn straight to DVD.

The PC-SDVD/U2G is capable of relaying real-time video. You can hook up your Sony Betamax to your PC and watch all your prized episodes of Kolchack: The Night Stalker , or, as Buffalo suggests, plug-in your video game console.

The PC-SDVD/U2G is a bit pricey, listed at about $59 (¥5,300), and it’s currently available only in Japan so Kolchack will have to wait a little longer.

Image Credit: Buffalo Technology

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